Valldal Camping is situated 4 km up from the centrum of Valldal, towards Trollstigen/Åndalsnes
From centrum: Drive towards Trollstigen/Åndalsnes (RV63), after aproxamatly 3,5 km drive over a gray bridge (URI-BRU). The campingsite is now on your right hand side after aproxomatly 0,5 km. (Follow sign towards Valldal Camping)
From Trollstigen: Drive towards Valldal / Geiranger (RV63), after 20 km you reach Gudbransjuvet,  continiue to follow the road and after 5.5 km cross over a bridge (Hoel BRU), continue for another 5.5 km and you will find us on left hand side. (Follow sign towards Valldal Camping)
You find us here:
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